Since its birth, EMMECCI SRL has based its business on values that guide it, still today, in the daily work:

  • passion: professionalism, correctness, seriousness and honesty, are the main things on that EMMECCI SRL want to aim, creating and supporting a relation of full reliance with the customer;
  • reliability: respect for the declared times, the observance of the rules, the guaranty of quality, are the assumptions for a lasting and successful work;
  • transparency: clearness in quotations and in the feasibility studies, honesty to describe any possible technical problems, are the key-elements to establish with the stakeholders frank relations characterized by a mutual collaboration;
  • determination: the strong will to attain the objectives and to satisfy the customers are always part of EMMECCI SRL business philosophy;
  • dynamism: flexibility of the company structure, desire to growth, search of new and innovative working tools, are the aspects that embody the dynamism of EMMECCI SRL.

All that, it is the EMMECCI SRL’s daily dedication.

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