About us

EMMECCI SRL company operates for years in all building sectors, both private and public.

Today, it represents, in its totality, the best guaranty to operate at the highest qualitative levels, getting it from the consolidated business dimension, the recognized economic strength, the vast professional heritage of its members’ experiences and the acquired innovative technological skill.

The strength point of the entire structure is given by a series of factors: the excellent employ of human resource, the constant deepening of the specializations with a big business flexibility, the relation with the costumer based on the quality, punctuality, efficiency, control of the costs.

All that, with the accurate professional preparation of the hands, able also to interpret the old building tradition opening at the sudden market’s changes, making it possible for EMMECI SRL to satisfy reliance and reliability requirements such to qualify and to characterize the EMMECI SRL presence in Italy and abroad.

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